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Hi, Welcome to our Web Page, let me tell you a little about ourselves and why we decided to breed CHIHUAHUA'S.

We live in the Central West of NSW, with 3 kids and quite a few dogs. I had a small chihuahua dog whilst I was growing up his name was Pepe (very cliche I know). Little Pepe was a loving dog and passed away when I was still young. But I can  remember the love and affection that this little dog had for everyone in the family. About 4 years ago we decided to get another Chihuahua for our family her name is Zoe, she is a very sweet pet and loves her mummy kisses, she is a very happy Chihuahua and is willing to sit with anyone as long as they pat and talk to her. We then decided to get another Chihuahua, we ended up getting another little girl we called Bella. Bella is a very clever chihuahua and knows what she wants, she is not as playful as Zoe and comes and gets affection when she feels like it. She and Zoe are very different in many ways. That made me start thinking that having more dogs would allow me to enjoy and see all kinds of personalities they possess.

With this thinking I decided to start breeding Chihuahua's, at the moment I have 5 breeding bitches (which you can see in the Our Mummies page) and 2 dogs (again you can see in the Our Daddies page). In these pages I have a few pictures and a brief description of their personalities. 

I have also added a page to give you a bit of back ground on the Chihuahua dog breed and why they are a great pet to have. And a little bit of advice in looking after your new puppy.

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our Chihuahua's and of course there is a Our Puppies page for you to browse in as well.

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We are registered Breeders with the NSW Dog Association - 2100054681
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